All qualities and none         Borrowed existences

Ch'i         Cyclic Evidence

Elegant maths (Mandelbrot)         Emergent Illumination

Empty awareness         Enlightenment is coldly transient

Going nowhere         Haiga (traditional)         Haiga in 17 (modern)

Hand of fate         Holistic well-being         I is I is borrowed

Impermanence         Interconnectedness

Karma and calmer         Karma threads

Karmic knowledge (circularity)         Know Nothing

What is knowledge?         Light years to nowhere (dead starlight)

Linear illusions (koanic shock)         Long line perception

Long space         Mandala in d         Newton collision fractal

No hereafter         Nowness         Objective delusion

 Opposites are not opponents         The breeze of molecular recycle

Self-deception         Self-negation (not knowing)

Separateness is an illusion         Silent knowledge

Space and form illusion         Subject and Object

Symbollic illusion         Transparency         Tao

Tao deflection (things)         Tao now brown cow

     Tao's witness         The lotus player sleeps

The symmetry of natural form         The wordless nature of Nature

Timelessness         Timespeed (one second/second)

Void immersion (freestyle haiga)         Who are you ?

Winter recycle (many lives)          Words invoke ideas

Wu-Nien (the tao of heisenberg)

Wu-Wei         Yin-Yang symbol